UCLA students found new type of birds in the South America

We are happy to announce that our UCLA students are very smart people and we can explain why.

First of all, because they are inventors

Secondly, they are smart minded

In the third, they are full of enthusiasm and ideas.

Why we are telling that?

First of all because they do the inventions every year with no stop and no time on relax.

Not far ago, team of undergraduates students of California university found new type of Galopagen birds, who lost their ability to fly anymore.  Students were scared because such birds are able to disappear in this world full of harm and horrors.

ucla students and birds

Never the less they didn’t give up and tried to save their lives with all the knowledge they had.

Tutor under the name Leonid Kruglyak was together with the team of students and shared his knowledge to them.

He wrote several books about the birds and had good tips how to save birds who can’t take care of themselves.

In the first, Leonid Krugliak said that these birds can’t fly anymore because they don’t need it.

In the region of these animals are too much tourists, who feed them on the everyday bases. Because of it this animals are in no need to find the food to live.

This is one of the example, where people kindness can harm the nature. To avoid such mistakes in the future life, before doing something not in common, better to read description and notes, provided by the authorities.

UCLA Students saved lives of the birds

Despite the fact, that Galapagean birds are such lasy animals, ucla students didn’t let birds to die and found to them a safe place to live and feed themselves near the local park under the name “Wild cherries”, which is placed not far ago from the central street of California.

Coming back to the university, they wrote great essays about how they spent time in the wild nature saving the birds, and struggling with the problems of the planet.

We can conclude, that with such students America has the bright future, not only for the birds, but for the all humanity.

and We, Gold Standard, can confirm it.